love Koji. love music
love sushi love dj's

Koji. dj nights: Saturday 1st April & Saturday 13th May, Saturday 24th June, Saturday 22nd July & Saturday 23rd September

Come & dine with us or just join us for a cocktail
The delicious Koji. menu will feature
DJ Virgin on the 4th February
The dj sets the pace at 9.00pm & takes it up & up,
the music stops when you stop, the bar closes for last drinks at 1.00am
- come and join us

this evening your booking will allocated a dining time of
1 hour 45 minutes for parties of 2 people; 2 hours for parties of 3 - 6; 3 hours for parties of 7+

Do not worry if we do need your table we will find you room by the bar